Roman Mancetter

The Roman Mancetter Project had two aims: To highlight the rich Roman history of the Mancetter area for public attention and enjoyment, including the installation of a set of information boards and guide-books; and to begin to evaluate how far the area’s terrain offers credible support to the theory that Boudica’s last battle took place near Mancetter.

As part of this project a walk was devised illustrated by information boards along the route.
Supplementary information to each board is available either by scanning the QR code device on each board with a suitably equipped mobile phone or from this web-site (click on the title of each board below).

Board 1: Inside Mancetter Roman Fortress

Board 2: Outside Mancetter Roman Fortress

Board 3: Mancetter – Hartshill Roman Potteries

Board 4: Manduessedum Burgus

Board 5: Boudica’s Last Battle

Board 6: Annexe to Mancetter Roman Fortress