About Atherstone

North Warwickshire has 586 listed buildings, 87 of which are in Atherstone,and 10 conservation areas. Hinckley and Bosworth has 320 listed buildings and 17 conservation areas. Atherstone’s historic town centre has many fine old buildings dating from medieval times. There has been no in fill development in the market square area since the 19th century. The Arden landscape to the south of the town includes the ruins of Merevale Abbey and the historic Merevale Park and Garden. Some of Warwickshire’s oldest woodland and heath land can be found in this area of the Arden. Atherstone has a rich archive of documents, some yet undiscovered, held at the Warwick Record Office and elsewhere. Research to date has enabled the identification of owners and occupiers of all properties in the medieval town envelope from 1547. Atherstone was chosen by English Heritage (now Historic England) for a scheme to restore historic facades in the town. Many uPVC doors and windows have been replaced with period designs.

The Civic Society has to be vigilant if the town’s heritage is to be preserved.